Body Handling Systems – Mortuary Chambers

Unique, innovative, and technical body handling systems. We offer mortuary chambers, conceptualised and designed to improve the performance, safety, efficiency, and operational cost of body movement and handling in funeral, mortuary and medical science facilities. Our mortuary chambers are extremely compact and offer remarkable value, and are easily customisable to meet client’s specification. In additional, they are Read more about Body Handling Systems – Mortuary Chambers[…]

Waste Disposal Systems – Incinerators

The problem of hazardous waste in the Pacific Poor waste management is a major threat to sustainable development in Pacific island countries and territories, as it has negative impacts on the region’s environment, as well as on public health, water resources quality, fisheries, agriculture, tourism and quality of life in general. The solution? Incineration is Read more about Waste Disposal Systems – Incinerators[…]