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The MAXIMA is a state-of-the-art, high performance and cost effective Electrosurgical Generator, with flexible cutting and coagulation – but also for flexibly for every surgical specialty.
Notable features include: an easy-to-use touch screen operation, patient plate conductivity monitoring system (PP-CMS), max output capacity of 400W, able to store 100 program memory.

The MAXIMA is the right solution every specialty, with a wide range of modes: 1 Pure cut, 1 Precise cut, 5 Blend, 3 Endo Cut, 2 Spray, 2 Fulgurate, 1 Desiccate, 1 Bi-cut, 2 Bi-coag modes.

Customised electrosurgery. A range of solution for every specialty.

Every surgeon can choose his own individual system, choosing from a range of modules whether you are a gynaecologists, gastroenterologists, urologists or medical specialists working in their own outpatient practice. The advantage: the system will include only those components which the physician really needs. A cost-efficient solution with no superfluous software or hardware modules.

Some key performance features in the selection of our Electrosurgical Units include:

  • High power efficiency of 97%
  • Instant Tissue response technology
  • Tissue impedance measurement systems
  • 99 program modes
  • Multiple blend modes
  • Endo cut facility
  • Best mono-polar cutting
  • Coagulation performance with precision controlled bipolar output
  • Safety features with adherence to EC 60601 guidelines.
  • Available in low cost analog models for price conscious customers.
See our range of Electrosurgical Units which include Victor XLVictor XL Plus, E-300E-400SSE-TUR PlusSimplex 300PRIMA.

Victor XL

Capabilities: All types of surgery. Higher end for collective use.
Interface: Touch screen
Max. output: 400 W
Programs: 20

Victor XL is a high performance micro controller based model With 20 programs with host of features and modes for all around superior capabilities. This is the right model for the customers who require all the features and controls at a reasonable price.

Victor XL Plus

Capabilities: All types of surgery. Top of the line model.
Interface: Touch screen
Max. output: 400 W
Programs: 99

Victor XL Plus is a top of the line micro controller based model with 99 programs, high speed tissue response circuit and host of modes and superior bipolar performance for the customers who demand the best.






Capabilities: All types of surgery.
Interface: 7 segment LED Digital
Max. output: 300 W
Programs: 6

E-300 is micro-controller based model with 6 programs, best price performance ratio in similar class of generators offered by other manufactures and can be widely used in procedures including urology, GI, Gynecologic, Orthropedic, Thoracic and Plastic Surgery.




E-400 Plus

Capabilities: All types of surgery. Economical price.
Interface: 7 segment LED Digital
Max. output: 400 W
Programs: 20

E-400 Plus is a micro controller based model with all the required features. Full power output at low cost. This is the right model for the customers who required basic 400w micro controller based model.






Capabilities: All types of surgery. Top of the line.
Max. output: 400 W
Programs: N/A

SSE-TUR Plus is a 400W analog model with number of cut, blend and coagulation modes with to do under water surgery. This is the model with all around capabilities and simple of operation. It is the lowest cost model in similar class available today in the market.




Simplex 300

Capabilities: Basic surgery. Unbelievable economy for basic functionality.
Max. output: 300 W
Programs: N/A

Simplex 300 is a 300W analog model with basic cut, coagulation and bipolar modes with capability of doing most of the surgeries with lowest price.






Capabilities: For all types of surgery. The most advanced surgical generator available with auto-stop coagulation.
Interface: 7 segment LED Digital
Max. output: 400 W
Programs: 99

Key features and benefits of PRIMA:

  • Intelligent auto-stop bipolar and mono-polar coagulation: measures tissue impedance and automatically stops at optimum point. There is no charring, sticking effect, and heat is minimised, enhancing life of instrument.
  • Programmable memory: allows to store 99 types of settings for surgery and can recall the program as per the requirements suitable for the surgery.
  • Mono-polar cut modes: Pure cut, Precise Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2, Endo cut
  • Mono-polar coagulation modes: Spray, Fulgurate, Desiccate, Soft.
  • Bipolar modes: Cut, Force, Micro

Optional Accessories


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Electrosurgery is the most frequent surgical procedure performed in the operating room. Nearly every operating room in the world has a high-frequency surgical device which is used in all surgical fields, in hospitals and at the offices of private practice physicians alike.

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