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We can supply a wide range of Scientico cremation units designed to meet the everyday demands of modern human crematoriums. Robust, reliable and cost-efficient.

Scientico has built a strong reputation through development of efficient, cost effective, and reliable cremation units that can be customised to customer’s needs. The collection is catered to countries of Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Using state-of-the-art technologies in order to comply with the strictest cremation process requirements to ensures that the end user is guaranteed a fast and efficient cremation every time. Highly technological and functional, it deserves to be ranked among the best cost-efficient systems the market has to offer for the specific sector of cremation of corpses and mortal remains.

The cremation furnaces are environmentally friendly, being smokeless and energy-efficient helping to reduce cost and pollution.

We can help provide the full service of design, manufacturing, installation and service using qualified engineers to perform several quality checks and inspections so its ready to use.

HMC-1010 Human cremation unit

The HMC-1010 is a robust, reliable and thermally efficient human cremation unit.

Using the latest in design and technical innovation to provide the most efficient and cost effective cremation systems to date. It is equipped with a smokeless, highly-efficient dual chamber, operating with several modes of heating from kanthal wire, oil, or gas fired burner.

The equipment has got solid state digital temperature controller with digital display, operating switches, indicators and high grade insulation in ready to use condition. Supplied complete with digital control panel chimney. All the combustion parts are of mild steel lined with refractory and fully insulated to prevent heat loss and heating of installation area.

Key benefits and features of HMC-1010:

  • Built to last, and give you the user excellent value for money
  • 5mm steel casing thickness
  • Thermally efficient with 280mm high grade insulation
  • Lightweight insulation lid
  • Digital control panel, automatic ignition and temperature control
  • Static with trolley system

Technical Specifications of HMC-1010

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.1 m x 0.76 m x 0.91 m
  • Capacity: 120 kg (can burn up to 60 kg/hour)
  • Working temperature: Cremation chamber (850°C ± 50°C), Post cremation chamber (1050°C ± 50°C
  • Operating voltage: 415, 3 phase, 4 wire, A.C. 50/s)
  • Fuel consumption: The furnace offered will be equipped with fully automatic, fired burner. Diesel (30-40 litres/hour), LPG (50 kg/hour), Electricity (70 kW/hour).


We provide international quality cremation units, and can assist in design, manufacture, installation and service. We can supply a full range of crematorium solutions ideal for corpses, animals, medical and marine units.

We can also assist with ancillary equipment to compliment and streamline your operations.

Our success is not only due to supply products that exceed expectations but also the ongoing support, dedication and a second to none service offered, to ensure our clients businesses have minimal downtime during maintenance and upgrades.

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