Mortuary – Cremation Units

We can supply a wide range of Scientico cremation units designed to meet the everyday demands of modern human crematoriums. Robust, reliable and cost-efficient. Scientico has built a strong reputation through development of efficient, cost effective, and reliable cremation units that can be customised to customer’s needs. The collection is catered to countries of Asia, Read more about Mortuary – Cremation Units[…]

Intensive Care – Medical Pump Systems

With today’s hectic pace, tight budgets and patient safety concerns, you need an infusion pump that serves both you and your patients, helping to maximise valuable resources and enhance your clinical practice.  At Trade Link International Limited, we’re focused on helping hospitals reduce these errors by provide market-leading infusion products that help improve the quality, safety and Read more about Intensive Care – Medical Pump Systems[…]

OPERATING ROOM – Electrosurgical Units

Setting the standard where performance and price matter. The MAXIMA is a state-of-the-art, high performance and cost effective Electrosurgical Generator, with flexible cutting and coagulation – but also for flexibly for every surgical specialty. Notable features include: an easy-to-use touch screen operation, patient plate conductivity monitoring system (PP-CMS), max output capacity of 400W, able to store 100 program memory. The Read more about OPERATING ROOM – Electrosurgical Units[…]

General Practice – Pulse Oximeter

PG M800 delivers enhanced performance and unique features, all at a competitive price. A high-performing oximeter for any patient, anytime, anywhere. PG M800 Hand-held Pulse Oximeter designed for convenience in spot checking. Compact and lightweight, the handheld pulse oximeter is perfect for non-invasive spot-check measurement with display in SpO2, PR, SpO2 waveform (pleth or line). Featuring automatic Read more about General Practice – Pulse Oximeter[…]

Intensive Care – Vital Signs Monitor

Smart meets sensible. Designed with ease of use in mind. For smart transport and bedside monitoring. The PG S10 Vital Signs Monitor can accurately record changes in a patient’s condition to quickly recognise respiratory distress ad enable response to signs of patient deterioration. Compact and lightweight The PG S10 was designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use allowing you Read more about Intensive Care – Vital Signs Monitor[…]

Fetal and Maternal Monitor (PG-800G)

SETTING A NEW STANDARD IN PORTABLE, AFFORDABLE ANTEPARTUM TECHNOLOGY PG-800G – Improved obstetric outcomes start with accurate assessments For more than three decades, we have been helping clinicians improve the standard of obstetric care. The PG-800G is part of a family of uniquely powerful fetal monitors. Designed to provide the information you need to make quick, accurate Read more about Fetal and Maternal Monitor (PG-800G)[…]

Biomedical Equipment After Sales Service (BASS)

Biomedical Equipment After Sales Service (BASS) Why service your equipment regularly? Your equipment needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to help maintain its value and lifespan. Your equipment should be serviced in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications to: Provide peace of mind regarding your equipment’s safety and reliability. Enable diagnosis of Read more about Biomedical Equipment After Sales Service (BASS)[…]

Election Ink (Stationery)

Papua New Guinea gets ready for 2017 elections!   Papua New Guineans will be at polling booths for 2-weeks (June 24th to July 8th) to decide on the country’s future. To help ensure a fair and balanced election, voters be required to dip their finger in election ink to indicate they have voted. Such markings will prevent electoral fraud such as double Read more about Election Ink (Stationery)[…]

Body Handling Systems – Mortuary Chambers

Unique, innovative, and technical body handling systems. We offer mortuary chambers, conceptualised and designed to improve the performance, safety, efficiency, and operational cost of body movement and handling in funeral, mortuary and medical science facilities. Our mortuary chambers are extremely compact and offer remarkable value, and are easily customisable to meet client’s specification. In additional, they are Read more about Body Handling Systems – Mortuary Chambers[…]

Waste Disposal Systems – Incinerators

The problem of hazardous waste in the Pacific Poor waste management is a major threat to sustainable development in Pacific island countries and territories, as it has negative impacts on the region’s environment, as well as on public health, water resources quality, fisheries, agriculture, tourism and quality of life in general. The solution? Incineration is Read more about Waste Disposal Systems – Incinerators[…]