May 7, 2016

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Service and quality you can rely on.

We’re a reputable multinational distributor that markets, imports and exports a broad range of exclusive products and services in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Islands.

Our product category includes furniture, furnishings and other decorative accessories. Our list is continuously growing as we seek innovative new designs.

Whether its a large or small projects, we can help outfit your environment and creates a space that is functional, efficient and safe and enhances the quality of the working and living environment.  Our diverse customer base includes sectors in hospitality, education, commercial, industrial and government accounts.

As an authorised supplier to a selected network of manufacturers (leading and recognised brands), we ensure our customers received the highest quality and the best value. With our experienced and committed team of professionals, we will deliver excellence through our products, customer service and supply solutions.

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organic bedding

zaanta 100% natural bedding logoZaanta 100% natural bedding: Our own exclusive range of mattresses, topper pads and pillows made from certified organic latex and natural fibre fabrics. We use no toxic chemicals or synthetic materials making it a popular choice for those looking for a genuinely pure and natural sleep product.

Features/Benefits: Orthopaedic support, Pressure relief at hips & shoulder areas, Hypoallergenic & antibacterial, Minimal partner disturbance, Temperature-regulating, Flippable mattress, Zip-removable & cleanable covers.

Our organic bedding provides the ultimate in comfort, health and durability to getting a cool, comfortable sleep.

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textiles and fabrics

We can provide a wide range of high-quality textiles and fabrics that can be used for making decorative accessories such as curtains and upholsteries. The fabrics come in a palette of colours and modern designs. Materials are a blend of polyester and cotton. Available in 100m rolls.


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